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Introducing the latest book by Clif Droke...

The Stock Market Cycles

"I ordered your book recently and once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. It's an absolutely fascinating read and you did a wonderful job of explaining the Cycles and their influence effectively and concisely." --K.F.

ISBN# 0979257212

After nearly 10 years of research and one year of writing, the book that cycle enthusiasts have been demanding is finally here!

In his latest book, author and market technician Clif Droke reveals the key to interpreting long-term stock price movement and economic performance, namely the famous Kress series of yearly cycles. This work was undertaken based on popular demand and was written in a style that casual readers and experts alike can enjoy and understand. The book covers each one of the yearly cycles in the Kress Cycle series, starting with the 2-year cycle and ending with the 120-year Grand Super Cycle.

The book also covers the K Wave and the effects of long-term inflation/deflation that these cycles exert over stock prices and the economy. Each chapter contains illustrations that show exactly how the yearly cycles influenced stock market performance and explains where the peaks and troughs of each cycles are located and how the cycles can predict future market and economic performance.

Also described in this original book is how the Kress Cycles influence popular culture and political trends, as well as why wars are started and when they can be expected based on the Kress Cycle time line.

Here are the contents for The Stock Market Cycles:

Ch. 1: Fibonacci: Key to the Kress Cycles
Ch. 2: The 2-Year Cycle
Ch. 3: The 4-Year Cycle
Ch. 4: The 6-Year Cycle
Ch. 5: The 8-Year Cycle
Ch. 6: The 10-Year Cycle
Ch. 7: The 12-Year Cycle
Ch. 8: The Magic Number 12
Ch. 9: The 20-Year Cycle
Ch. 10: The 24-Year Cycle
Ch. 11: The 30-Year Cycle
Ch. 12: The Cyclical Significance of the Number 30
Ch. 13: The 40-Year Cycle
Ch. 14: The 60-Year Cycle
Ch. 15: The 120-Year Cycle
Ch. 16: The Cycles That Matter Most
Ch. 17: Kress Cycles and Oligopolies
Ch. 18: Kress Cycles and War
Appendix: Interview with a Cycle Master
Appendix 2: Interview with a Cycle Master, Part 2.
Appendix 3: The 120-Year Cycle: 1774-2014

144 pages, by Clif Droke

In this book you will also...

* Determine the condition of the overall stock market as defined by the main trend of the yearly cycles.

* Discover how to determine the critical “hard up” and “hard down” phases of the yearly cycles.

* Learn how to predict stock market intermediate-term to longer-term performance by cycle analysis: i.e. how the various yearly cycles interplay with each other and which ones take greater precedence over the others within the 120-year series.

* Discover which cycles are most important for analyzing stock market performance.

* Find out which of the years ahead will be most and least beneficial for investors based on the position of the yearly Kress Cycles.

* Discover how revolutions are inevitable at the bottom of the 120-year cycle…and why the upcoming 120-year cycle bottom will prove to be no exception.

* Learn reasons why gold will be a primary asset of choice in the years to come during the final “hard down” phase of K wave and Kress Cycle deflation.

* See how the long-term trend toward corporate oligopolies and monopolies will eventually be stopped in its tracks by the Kress Cycles.

* See some possibilities for the next major war based on the 24-year war cycle. Who will be the next major adversary for the United States and when will it most likely occur?

* Find out how the Kress Cycles have shaped and influenced financial, economic, and military history since 1774 and how they will most likely transform the present world order in the years to come.

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The Stock Market Cycles
by Clif Droke
Published November 2009

Publisher: Publishing Concepts

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